The Hope Library has acquired four pieces of Bernard Langlais' artwork, which are currently on display in the library.

The artist, a native of Maine, lived in Cushing from 1966 until his death in 1977.

When his wife died in 2010, the entire estate, land and artwork, was left to Colby College. Colby College Museum of Art retained 180 pieces, and with the help of the Kohler Foundation,worked to conserve and distribute the remaining art to various non-profit organizations throughout the state of Maine.

The pieces at the Hope Library represent Langlais’ early, abstract style, as well as the familiar animals and birds that were so often his subjects.  His humor and whimsy are also represented in two wooden pieces with a sports theme.

The Hope Library will be part of the Langlais Art Trail, put together by the Colby College Museum of Art. This project will contain basic information including each institution participating, hours of operation, location, and the type of Langlais work on view, presented in an interactive map.